Grovo LMS Review

Learning Management System comparison (LMS) are becoming as ubiquitous as brick-and-mortar schools and training centers. I am sure they are all doing good work but just like in any other space, leaders are emerging. Grovo seems to be one of those frontrunners. Some of what people like about Grovo is their ease-of-use, nice appearance to end users, being able to categorize information in modules using folders, not finding issues with scalability and excellent customer support is mentioned over and over again. Social media comments that are positive are running in the 98% range. This is how the users feel about Grovo. Professional reviews of Grovo LMS hold it in equally high regard. Their cloud-based platform, numerous 60- second instructional videos and the microlearning methodology that train an organization’s teams in critical skills are all heavily touted features of Grovo.

Of the 3 emerging trends in LMS today, Grovo is firmly entrenched in every one of them. The trends are Personal Learning Environments (PLE), “Talent Management,” and “Mobile Learning.” Grovo teaches skills, both professional and internet, to corporate clients via 60-second videos. The goal for the company is to make it simple for individuals and companies to acquire the digital skills needed to succeed in today’s technologically advanced market. They specialize in cloud services and internet tools to enhance the professional skills people need at work.

Our pace of life is quickening and we might be even be on the pandemic precipice of technology-induced “attention deficit disorder!” More to this point, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are great but they are long, most taking weeks to complete. Learning digital or professional skills quickly, in small segments, sort of suits our societal trends. Microlearning content can be provided on trains and planes for business travelers. Even if, in the case of airplanes, with their often times overloaded WiFi, the content can still be provided without interactivity. Learning how to use “Basecamp” or “Adobe Creative Cloud” through one of Grovo’s short instructional videos while on a flight is a great way of both learning something new and feeling like you have accomplished something.

Now if only Grovo will partner directly with Verizon Wireless and present 60-second instructional videos on how to use our phones, we might have reached level of learning nirvana previously unknown to man! Grovo does offer an Iphone instructional video but I think having Verizon deliver those videos directly to our phones, weekly, would make for some pretty happy customers!